Platform Services

Signagelive Platform Services

Signagelive Platform Services are used directly by Signagelive to provide the User Interfaces, used on a daily basis by thousands of our users, we have made these Platform Services available to all of our users and partners, to allow them to interact directly with the Signagelive API first platform, so they can produce their own tools, experiences and content.

There is nothing that we at Signagelive can do, that you as builders/makers will not be able to do using our Platform Services.



Upload your media to Signagelive directly from your existing content creation tools. You can upload all supported media types
  • Images
  • Web Page URLS
  • Widgets
  • RSS
  • Videos
  • IPTV Stream URLS
  • MRSS


Organise your media into folders, allowing your Signagelive users to easily find and manage their media, rather than having to find it all in one place.


Tag your media, so that it can be easily found within Signagelive using the verbose search functionality.


Securely download media from your Signagelive media library


Organise your media into folders, allowing your Signagelive users to easily find and manage their media, rather than having to find it all in one place.

Create & Edit

Create a multi zone layout (portrait or landscape), passing in the zone dimensions and settings, along with default media settings, allowing you to create your layouts from your existing design tools and import into Signagelive. Update or edit your existing Layouts, and if published have these automatically update on your Players.

Create & Edit Playlists

Make new or edit your Playlists, with changes made in your existing tools. Editing of already published Playlists, will automatically update your players without the need to re-publish your content.

Add Media to Playlists

Easily add media you have uploaded into your playlists, and set the position in the playlist and the duration to play for.

Set Validity and Conditional Playback on Media in Playlists

Set the dates when a piece of media should play, the days it should play on and the times between which it should play. Set conditional playback on your media, deciding which players the media should play on by tags.

Export Playlists

Do you want to be able to share your playlists outside of Signagelive for review? You can easily request and export of the playlist, and the report will appear in your inbox.

Publish Default Content

Publish content to your players, so that if there isn’t any other content published, there will always be your own content to play.

Publish Scheduled Content

Set up your schedules so that your content plays when and where it is meant to. Choose the dates, days and times it should be playing between, allowing you to forward schedule as well as Just in Time schedule your content.

Publish Interrupt Content

Do you want to be able to dynamically change the content being shown on your players, based on a certain trigger, such as a key press, fire alarm or some other programmatic trigger, publish the content you want to play when this trigger occurs. Publishing an interrupt makes all of this possible, using the Signagelive Web Triggers.

Proof of Play

Enable Proof of Play on your Signagelive network/s and download CSV impression reports for you to amalgamate with other business data, such as sales data compared to when content was playing, or to be able to analyse within your business intelligence tools.


Manage all of the Players on your Signagelive network/s, activate new players, deactivate existing players and organise your players in to useful folders. Update the content and health check frequencies, and enabled scheduled reboots, remote screenshots or setup screen control schedules.


Manage your Signagelive licences easily, add new licences to your network and renew existing licences.


Add or Remove users from your Signagelive network and control the level of access they have.


Extract the Signagelive dashboard data about your players in to your existing business monitoring solutions, make sure your players are connecting to Signagelive as they should be, have their latest content, and even retrieve their latest screenshots. Build your own dashboards to display on your Signagelive players, so you can monitor your network without logging in to Signagelive.

Customise Signagelive Widgets

Add one of the Signagelive clocks, weather widgets, calendar integration or menu board widgets to your Signagelive network, download the widget and edit the background or template to make it fit your company branding.

Create your own

Create your own widgets and upload them to Signagelive for you to use.


Why not make your widgets available to all Signagelive users, and ask us to add your widgets to the Signagelive Marketplace.


Use the Signagelive Chrome app in kiosk mode to provide a kiosk application, showing media when there isn’t anyone interacting with the player, as soon as someone touches the player, start the interactive content, and then fall back to normal playback after a set period of no interaction.


Interrupt the playback of content based on the key being pressed on a keyboard attached to your Signagelive player (Legacy PC and IAdea only)

Remote Control Buttons

Using the remote control for System on Chip players, trigger a change of content based on the button being pressed.

Lift and Learn

Create a lift and learn experience using GPIO connected switches/sensors or using RFID.

Web Triggers

Connect to the Web Triggers API to be able to trigger a change in content, prompted by any solution which can connect to a RESTful API.

Signagelive Marketplace


The Signagelive Marketplace is a collection of free to use Images and Widgets (inc. Menu Boards, Weather and Calendar Integration) as well as a selection of carefully selected Signagelive Partners, offering great solutions to work with your digital signage. Why not talk to us about adding your content or solutions to the Signagelive Marketplace for others to use.