Start building with Signagelive.

Signagelive offer four options for building great applications with our platform, choose the one that best meets your needs (of course you can mix and match):

Network API – to create custom user interfaces, workflows, pro-active monitoring – basically you can do anything our UI can do and customise and extend the functionality to meet your needs!
Web Triggers API to allow real-time triggering of pre-cached content on your media players
Player API – to allow you to development custom media players
Widget Development Framework (WDF) – for development of great applications and experiences targeting our supported media players

To get started with any of our APIs, please sign up here providing as much information about your application as possible (we are just curious and love to hear to what people are building with our platform) and we will provide you with application keys, a development environment, media player urls including debug enabled versions and invite you to our Slack Developer Community.

To get started with the Widget Development Framework please review the WDF documentation, if you need a Signagelive Network if you either don’t have one or want to keep development away from production, ping us a message either here or in our Slack Dev Community and we’ll get you setup with everything you need.