The content object contains the content that needs to be played and when, along with advanced features such as interrupts.

The Signagelive Player API returns a linear schedule. Display order and start/end times are calculated by the API. Schedules will not overlap.

Field Definitions
Name Description Required
default_playlist_id The ID of the default playlist.

A default playlist plays when either there is no content in the schedule or the scheduled content has failed to play

schedule An array of scheduled layout objects, arranged in a linear schedule, earliest first. Yes – although it may be empty
interrupts A collection of interrupt objects. Interrupts are actions that occur as a result of an external action.

Interrupt objects have a trigger and an action as a result of that trigger.

A trigger specifies the type of trigger, along with a key value pair array of configuration parameters.

An action defines the layout to play and the duration that it should be displayed for before returning to the scheduled content

Yes – although it may be empty
A collection of layout objects. Each layout defines one or more zones and playlists that will play in them. Yes – although it may be empty
playlists An array containing all playlists present across all layouts and default playlists. Yes
media_assets An array containing all media assets present across all layouts and playlists Yes